Monday, January 9, 2012

Featured Station: Eclipse Radio

Eclipse Radio was started in February of 2011 with the thought of bringing "Music That Rocks" from the 1970's to Today in an uncensored environment.  In addition to the variety of music available, Eclipse Radio gives artists from around the world the opportunity to share their music and thoughts among other musicians without the limitations of record contracts.   

 We currently have an afternoon live broadcast (5-8pm MST, Monday-Friday) where current events, news, and opinions are expressed in the same uncensored atmosphere. On air personalities, "Scotty McNaughty" and "Neil" work hard to bring the public what they want, without any restrictions. For more information about Eclipse Radio, visit their website at, and of course, you can tune in live as well. Take a listen, and expect the unexpected!! Eclipse Radio... Join The Revolution!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Featured Station: "People of Distinction" Al Cole paves a new path in radio

AL COLE FROM CBS RADIO is now talk show host of the nationally syndicated "People of Distinction". Al's CBS fans have invented their own term of endearment to Al - they call themselves "AL COLE - HOLICS"! "Al Cole - holics" have inspired Al to write his award-winning definitive book of love poetry, relationship advice and spirituality - "Al Cole Romance For Women", available on Amazon/Kindle. 

AL TOOK SOME TIME OUT after high school to realize everyone's fantasy dream, "to see the world"! His experiences opened his eyes to the lifestyles of not only most Americans and Europeans, but also lead him to see how the other half lives in Africa and Asia. In the midst of this thrilling, eye opening experience, Al was lead singer and arranger to his own band "The Bad Boys". He then did some "optometry" modeling - modeling concentrating on the Eyes, and developed his powerful public speaking persona. He returned to earn his Masters in Philosophy (he's now completing work on his PhD), then became a favorite at CBS. 

Al Cole is on Staff with The National Women's Political Caucus under the Vice President of Communications. Al has appeared as a guest on over 100 interviews including CBS, NBC, and PBS. He's spoken to audiences of The United Way of America, The National Urban League, Common Cause, The National Women's Political Caucus and many more national and regional organizations. Al has even taught Professional Broadcasting to his peers!

PEOPLE OF DISTINCTION is unique in combining celebrity guest "professional talk" with their gripping "heart and soul", often deeply personal reflective talk. Deep talk with the entertaining edge! For example, NBC Executive Producer of "Days of Our Lives", Ken Corday, spoke not only about his Emmy winning daytime soap, but offered moving, eye-opening reflections on the suicide of his younger brother. Former CBS Morning News Anchor, Bill Kurtis, recounted his in depth coverage of the Charles Manson murder trial … and how it changed his own life! Donzaleigh Abernathy, actress daughter of civil rights leader Rev. Dr. Ralph D. Abernathy, recounted her personal knowledge of Martin Luther King's “I Have A Dream” speech...the night before "Uncle Martin" delivered it!

FIFTY-SEVEN NY TIMES BEST-SELLING AUTHORS as well as sixty-five Doctors and PhD's have appeared on "People of Distinction" to date...and the list is growing. Al is an African American man who believes strongly in high level, intimate broadcasting serving both women and men to inspire the very best of the love we should all have for our awesome human family!


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Featured Station: Music for a New Era

After years of playing in various chamber groups, and composing her own music, Debra Rowe one day said "I want to own a radio station”.  With her experience in the radio and music industry, Debra wanted to showcase her talent to a wider audience. 

After listening to Live365 for many years, Debra launched “Music for a New Era" in December 2008.  Since then, People from all over the world including Ukraine, Japan, Belgium, Colombia, United Arab Emirates, and Finland have come back again and again to enjoy the music. 

In just over two years, the listenership has increased from 0 to over 1200 listening hours per month. The stations success has launched it to the number one ranked chamber music station on Live365. 15,000 hours of listening time later, “it's as if I gave a one hour concert to a football stadium of fans!”

On her music, Debra feels her music is “intimate, quiet and contemplative.  I've heard back from listeners who say they love having the station on in the background as they go through their hectic workdays”

“For them, it's an oasis of soothing, gentle sound.  For me, it's a dream come true - my own radio station! I create the playlist, I take the photos and create the album art.  The Live365 people take care of all the important stuff that I don't want to deal with. The software is easy and even fun to use, and I have as much control as is probably good for me.  I find it motivates me to create even more music knowing I have listeners to satisfy!”